Thursday, July 31, 2008


Greentings from Boston! Mom here. I had to put the Bru man and Ollie, who actually is named Ozzy, in a kennel for a couple days. I had a trip previously planned and my friend who was going to watch them has car trouble but she will be picking the boys up soon.

We hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks for the wishes, yes Ollie is a cutie. I just got off the phone at the vets office and why are all calling him a cutie too. We are also glad to hear about Dixies surgery. Brutus will post when I get back in town.

And yes Ozzy is a little cutie hellion!


  1. Ollie is cute. We enjoyed the videos. Enjoy Boston!

    Roxy & Lucky

  2. You've been tagged to play the name game. Come to our blog entry for August 2 to see how to play it.


    Gracie Lou


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