Wednesday, July 9, 2008

itz dah chokolat dat dah humuns wunt let us eetz.

Boy does Brutus feel better today. About 7 last night all of the sudden he was awake and ate, drank, did his outside business and was feeling better. Above is a picture from a bath the other day.

I was reading Pug and Buggs Blog and Bugg was asked about why poop tastes so good. Her answer is is the title of this post. Brutus felt so good today he had to try some of that out. He knows he is not suppose to be eating it, so he takes big bites and then runs while I chase after him, yuk

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  1. HAHAHA oh dah bugg shouldn't have told Brutus that. Glad you liked her answers!!!! We LOVES your blog!

    -Sophie and Dixie


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