Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Brutus here. Ollie is much calmer that he was the past couple of days. Mom says he is nervous excited and needs discipline, exercise and affection. She has been making him mind and sit before he eats and etc.

Yesterday before we went outside she kept telling him to sit and he wouldn't do it. He likes to just bolt out the door. I finally just laid down and watched. I tried to tell him just do as she wants. After a bit he finally sat. Today he did better.

He does stalk the cats. At first he ignored them, then he chased them. I secretly enjoy watching him doing it. Those kitties are a nuisance but Mom seems to love them. Ollie appears to mean no harm but is curious. The problem is the cats want none of his stalking and staring. Thats interpreted as a threat to kittehs.

Mom says she now really realized how good I am. She says I am a good boy with calm energy. YES!

Here are a couple of videos of the hellion


  1. He seems awfully cute for a hellion! :P Maybe I just like bad boys.

  2. OMD! Ollie is so fun! Will we see you guys at the 500 Festival of Puggies this Saturday? If Dixie is up to it we are TOTALLY going.


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