Saturday, July 12, 2008

6 month anny

Mom is FINALLY letting me blog. Today I've been with her for 6 months. Since she is a first time dog owner she was afraid I could blog on what she is actually doing and I would get her in trouble. As her friend Mark says "shes nice enough but she doesn't know much about dogs"

So I want to thank KPR and April for getting me fixed up here with Mom. She doesn't put me outside all day. She does give me ear medicine but I guess I can forgive her for that. In fact she is pretty cool with the fact that I must be with her at all times (at least when she is home). I think it freaked her out at first but she seems to be ok with it now. She just didn't get that I have a job to do and part of that job is to be with her and supervise her at all times. She needs the help. I don't understand how she has made it through life this far.

Here are some more pics of me playing tonight. Mom went to see a movie and when she got back I greeted her as usual. I got my blue and brown teddy and ran around while she chased me. She is so slow. I also hide from her behind a chair. Sometimes she sees it but most of the time she can't find me. That's why she is fun to play with, she's not that smart.


  1. Brutus, You are what KPR is all about. I love you and miss you. I am so happy for you and your Mommy! I hope to see you at Pugtober Fest. Love, April

  2. Yes Mom said we will be at Pugtoberfest. I can't wait to see you.


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