Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anatomy lessons

I took the Bru man in with me to work today. He's always a hit. I go into the workout facility for faculty to workout on the elliptical machine and Brutus after walking around the room for a few finally laid down. About 20 mins in, a class came in to use the weight scale. Brutus went right into the line of students and gladly accepted all of the affection. He even laid down and exposed his belly so they could pet him. One gal asked me if he was a mix of something because he's so large. I once again explained he's a big boy.

Brutus was still enough for me to get a picture with him, muscle man, and Buckey the skeleton.

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  1. Brutus,

    You look very educated!

    Hey, our daddy works at a university too but we've only visited his office and lab. We don't think we're allowed in the workout place.

    Pug snorts from,
    Pearl & Daisy


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