Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Visit to College

Today I needed to go into work so I took the Bru man with me. He loves visiting campus. He also has a fascination with stairs. When he climbs them he always looks down. He got lots of huggs and belly rubs. He seems to be getting use to the visits as this time he really hammed it up and always laid down so Kelly, Amy, Don, etc could rub his belly.

I felt so bad for him (allergies and itchys) that I put him in bed with me last night. Both of the cats stood at the doorway in confusion. Bones was first to come onto the bed and lay down. I am so proud of him as he is a very nervous cat. Lilly, who isn't the brightest bulb, tried to jump up between bones and I. Bones wasn't digging that so she got swiped and jumped off. Don't worry though, I went and got her and put her up on the bed.

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