Friday, May 30, 2008

Solids Finally........and Lilly

While Louise isn't feeling well Brutus has finally gotten over his squirts. A week it took! We are thinking of Louise and hope she gets better soon.

Bruts been going to work with me a lot lately and I need to take some pics. Everyone asks about him when I don't have him. Some are upset that I don't bring him every day.

No pics of the Bru man today instead I wanted to talk about my kitteh Lilly. I got her 2 years ago in March from a lady who was moving. She is 12 years old now, declawed (by her previous owners), and a princess. She's also a big girl weighing in at 13 lbs. She doesn't eat all that much. She loves the sun and loves to lay out on the concrete. My bed is actually her bed. She is very chatty and loves to lay on my chest when I am watching TV. The pic above is a classic move where she will lay in the sun on her back and clean her face. Now that we finally have warmer weather she lays in the morning sun in the great room. When I get home she is greeting me at the door from the garage into the house. She darts outside not happy to see me per se but happy I am home to let her out. Not many folks (Mark, my mom) like her but I love her. She is so pretty and sweet but at the same time very princess like in that it's all about her.

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